Task Force 3

Task-Force 3  is a hilarious and highly skilled comedy circus show featuring 3 Secret Agents entrusted with completing top secret missions. From securing the perimeter through gravity defying human balances and acrobatic tumbles, to ensuring the smooth running of your event and guaranteeing the safety, security and entertainment of all audience members.  The trio, although individually skilled, work well as a finely oiled machine performing the crowd pleasing ‘toss the girl’ routine and death defying human skipping rope.

Task Force 3 has been performed all over the world from Festivals to TV, Event Spaces to Cruise Ships and has never failed to excite and delight audiences of all sizes.

Duration: 15, 30 or 45 minute shows

Genre: Circus, Comedy

Skills: Hand Balance, Toss the Girl, Acrobatics

Technical Specifications:

-Minimum Stage Size; 5m x 5m x 4.2m height

-Hard, flat, level WOOD surface (stage or dance floor)

-Secure change room

-Sound system