A sparkling, joyous performance with a French soundtrack celebrating Paris, the city of love. This act is perfect for celebrations, weddings, French themed events and cabaret shows. Watch with wonder as she contorts and tumbles through the air. This act would be complemented perfectly by 'Ma Cherie', a duo tap dance act, reminiscent of Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers.

Performer: Hannah Trott

Duration: 5 minutes

Technical Requirements:

-Minimum floor space: 3m x 3m

-Minimum vertical clearance: 4m from floor to rig point. However, larger clearance will facilitate larger drops

-Single rig point with a GBL of at least 700kg

-Qualified circus rigger

-Full safety check with rigging and lights is essential prior to performance

-Music supplied on CD, USB or MP3 player. Suitable playing device and amplifier required

-Flat, even surface is preferred. No fast strobe lighting or flash photography