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              OUT OF THIS WORLD

Join three astronauts as they set out on a mission to collect rare and magical space rocks, combat the effects of zero gravity and navigate the solar system AND save mankind as we know it...Well kind of...mainly the team need to find the space rocks, BUT where in the Universe are they? They need your help!

Join our Astronauts as they flip, tumble and fly through the air for 45 minutes of circus, magic, dance and fun. Audiences will be amazed by the ground and aerial acrobatics as well as hilarious slapstick comedy. Packed full of facts about our Solar System, Outer Space and even a little bit about human bodily functions, Out Of This World is Interstellar fun for kids and adults alike.

Performers: Various

Duration: 45 mins

Audiences: 3-10 years old (plus parents and caregivers)

Suitable for: Show can be adapted to any performance space

Technical Requirements:

-Stage space requirements- minimum 4x6metres. Wings preferred.

-Rigging requirements- minimum rigging height 3 metres with 1metre clearance around point (show can be performed without aerials)

-Sound technician, sound system compatible with laptop, 3 headset microphones (depending on venue).

-show soundscape and music is on QLab.

-Lighting technician, basic lighting rig.

-Bump in/out- 30 minute bump in, 30 minute bump out.

-SFX- Hazer (optional), bubble machine with hook clamp (supplied).