Acrobatica’s La Petite Pavilion is Australia’s only roving stilt tent. This new and totally unique venue invites children of all ages into a magical world. Two stilt walkers wear a miniature ‘big top’ style tent, as their costume, which are inter connected once the walkers are stationary, and make a two pole small circus tent- ‘La Petite Pavilion’. We can book a range of acts to take place within the tent to entertain audiences of approximately 15-20 at a time as well as a Ringmaster to gather your crowds and generate buzz . Le Petit Pavillion is great for festivals and events of all sizes and is sure to create a spectacle wherever it goes.

Performers: Various

Duration: TBC based on acts within the La Petite Pavilion

Technical Requirements:                          -Roving Area parks, street festivals              -Hard, flat, level surface (stage or dance floor)                                                           -Secure change room and access to water   -Aerial rigging preferred