Elements’ is an elegant and exciting act featuring graceful contortion and thrilling drops. If you don’t have a specific theme for your event, but want an inspiring, awe-inducing performance to entertain your guests, ‘Elements’ is a perfect fit. An experienced performer, aerialist and dancer Hannah Trott will add a spectacular and theatrical touch to any event.

Duration: 4 mins

Technical Requirements

-Minimum floor space: 3m x 3m

-Minimum vertical clearance: 4m from floor to rig point. However, larger clearance will facilitate larger drops

-Single rig point with a GBL of at least 700kg

-Qualified circus rigger

-Full safety check with rigging and lights is essential prior to performance

-Music supplied on CD, USB or MP3 player. Suitable playing device and amplifier required

-Flat, even surface is preferred. No fast strobe lighting or flash photography