This is Circus, but not as you know it......

Acrobatica is the game changer of corporate entertainment. We offer the most unique and outstanding specialty acts and productions tailored to exceed the expectations of every client we work with. 

We are a Melbourne based company with over 15 years of experience working with the biggest local and international clients on events of all scales. We direct the best contemporary circus artists Australia has to offer. We are passionate about ensuring that every time we show up, your audience experiences a unique, awe-inspiring and most importantly impactful performance.

Our list of roving and specialty circus entertainment includes:                 

Tailored Productions                                                                                             Acrobats                                                                                                   Contortionists                                                                                                   Aerialists                                                                                                     Manipulation including juggling & hula hoops                                                           Fire Performers                                                                                                   Circus shows for audiences of all ages                                                                 Roving Circus Tents